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The Shows

This year's festival will feature an eclectic array of critically-acclaimed, award-winning LGBTQ web series:
ANACOSTIA – The Web Series is a 10 Episode Dramatic Web Series which follows the lives of the residents of ANACOSTIA, a small residential community in Washington D.C. as they navigate through love, betrayal, deception, sex and murder.

Introducing a new generation – gay, straight, and ethnically diverse – struggling with identity and modern relationships. This award winning web series revolves around Vivian McMillan, sixteen and gay. As the daughter of a NYC firefighter she goes through seismic changes when her father’s health problems, resulting from 9/11, force them to move from the city to the suburbs. Navigating a long distance relationship with her girlfriend and developing a bond with a straight, African American boy fuel the heart of this dynamic drama as it follows the journey of six teenagers riding the waves of sexual awakening. Panelists: Tina Cesa Ward (Executive Producer/ Writer/Director), Susan Miller (Executive Producer/Writer), Jessy Hodges ("Sophie"), Rachael Hip-Flores ("Vivian"), Nicole Pacent ("Aster")

The Battery's Down is a musical comedy series that follows a young actor's struggle to make it big in the Big Apple. Join Jake (played by writer/creator Jake Wilson) as he winds his way through the highs and lows of the business with the help of his colorful group of friends (played by Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Dani Spieler, Nina Sturtz and Cortney Wolfson) and some carefully executed musical numbers!

Brooklyn is for Lovers is a comical web series about the sexcapades of 5 loosely connected Brooklyn residents. From revenge sex with blow up dolls, and margaritas mixed with ecstasy, to the perils of introducing a third person into the relationship, this scripted sex comedy for the web leaves no taboo out of bounds in its tale of "making it" in the borough. Panelists: Shandor Garrison (Creator/Writer/Director) & Paul Case ("Casey")

A late night talk show with four sexy, funny, intelligent, witty and outspoken women. Whatever the topic, the ladies of Cherry Bomb aren't afraid to tackle it head on. With relevant and provocative surprise questions from viewers and “Celesbian” interviews, Cherry Bomb invites you to debate and discuss these subjects with them over a glass of wine… or three.
Through the lives of Chris and his diverse group of friends we see the challenges that four young gay men face while being young gay minorities. Each character has their own individual struggle that affects theirlives within their friend circle and the world. These young men deal with troubles that range from relationship issues, sexual identity, self-love, abuse, HIV/AIDS, and acceptance not only from the world, but from themselves. Chris, Jharemy, Ashton, and Shawn are bridging the gap of lacked knowledge by enlightening the world with the truth of being a young gay adult. Panelist: Dwight Allen O'Neal ("Christopher"/Series Creator)
Drama Queenz is a hit comedy web series, now in its second season, about three friends and roommates dealing with life, love, and auditioning in New York City. Each ten-minute webisode focuses on Jeremiah, a dreamer with ridiculously poor audition luck, Davis, a perfectionist whose hard work produces uneven results, and Preston, a realist whose inhibitions stir-up delightful "drama" for all to enjoy. Through madcap auditions, burgeoning romances, and heartbreaking realizations, the trio from Queens takes viewers on the zany roller coaster ride that is the actor's life. Panelists: Dane Joseph ("Jeremiah"), Kristen-Alexzander Griffith ("Davis"), Troy Valjean Rucker ("Preston")

Gay Top Gun parodies the movie TOP GUN in the vein of AIRPLANE! and NAKED GUN by changing surprisingly little - except in our version all of the nation's top pilots are gunning for men... Well except Goose. He's straight.
Gay's Anatomy is a new show about three young urologists who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty... Mark, Marc and Jim are competing to get on top at the hospital. But when things get personal, will a passion for prostates and an instinct for the male anatomy be enough? And oh yeah... are they or aren't they? Panelist: Karina Mangu-Ward (Director/Producer/Writer) & Bobby Hodgson (Co-creator)
Ha! The Web Series is a new satiric comedy takes on the ex-gay recovery movement follows the misadventures of a sweet, wanna-be children's book writer, Roger, who is cajoled by his mother to join an ex-gay 14-step group (the two extra steps are for complete recovery) called Homosexuals Anonymous - HA! Set in the conservative Deep South of America, Rogers' life gets complicated when our hero meets a sexy stranger, a Yoga instructor, who invites him to join a class at the local Young Men's Chrisitian Association (YMCA). The two fall in love with delightfully disastrous results. Panelists: Scott Nevins ("Pastor Bob"), Larry Rabin (Director)

Homewrecker Houseboy: a gay web soap! Campy, tragic, funny, sexy, silly, dramatic and brilliant. The Drama begins...

Welcome to the first gay reality show! In The Loop follows the lives of George Morales - "the leader" and self proclaimed Houston landmark, Albert Hunt - "the comedian" and the sweetest person you will ever meet, and Alex Kovacs - "the elitist" that has a dry sense of humor and sarcastic wit. The show focuses on each character and their relationships with one another as they live their lives in Houston, Tx. Are you in the loop?

Queer Arts Now is a webseries showcasing queer artists for that are not picked up by the “mainstream” media. The episodes 5 – 7 minutes in length and have Co-Hosts Ks Stevens and Ashley Brockington going on location to interview ongoing cultural artists and ongoing live cultural events. Jacks Memenza is in charge of all Videographer and editing. This season our episodes have and will spotlight: Queer Arts Now, Good Asian Drivers, Cabaret Cataplexy, Kicked Out! The Anthology, Butch Burlesque, and Rivers of Honey,… just to name a few. Panelist: K.S. Stevens

The Real Girl's Guide to Everything Else: A journalist, nearly dropped by her agent because her work is too smart, political, lesbian and feminist, goes undercover as a glitter-wearing, shoe-obsessed, Cosmo-drinking straight girl. Panelists: Robin Dalea ("Rasha")

Seeking Simone is a new lesbian web series about online dating. Follow the adventures of Simone Selkin as she dates her way through gay Toronto! Simone Selkin is single and in no way ready to mingle. Her excuses? Well, she's new to Toronto, she's trying to make the most of her big break on CSIS:ForensicSWAT and, if she's honest, she's still getting over her ex, Rebecca, who was a total skank. But back in Vancouver, Simone's best friend Audrey has a plan to get Simone back on the horse. And that plan is "online dating".

Meet Oscar, a borderline alcoholic underachieving hot dog living with his somewhat ordinary mostly awkward New York roommate, Peter. WIENER & WIENER™ weaves the tale of this unlikely pair through their trials and tribulations living in the city that never sleeps. Tune in to meet Brigitte, Peter's fashion designer girlfriend; Harriet, the landlord stuck in the 1950s; Sophie, Peter's best friend and homeless Real Estate agent; and Marilyn, Oscar's girlfriend and Broadway star of "Breakfast @ Tiffany's." Panelist: Marjorie LeWit (Actor) & Freddy Franklin (Actor)